NOVA Oleochem Limited, incorporated in the year 2000 is a fast expanding company with a foray into production and marketing of consumer and industrial products.

Powered with the vision to bring the best within the reach of the masses, NOVA uses modern technology to offer products meeting world class standards.

NOVA’s innovative approach has made it develop a wide range of products including novel consumer goods such as Personalized Soaps and Bubble Baths.
In the industrial section, NOVA specializes in Methyl Esters of Vegetable Oils, Coconut Diethanolamide, Methyl Esters and Industrial Cleaners.

NOVA has received an encouraging response for its products in the exacting Oleochemical industry due to its strict adherence to quality standards. NOVA intends to capitalize on its expertise on the Vegetable Oils scenario coupled with knowledge of the manufacture of Methyl Esters to manufacture
and market Specialty Methyl Esters

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