Know us - OUR VALUES

Integrity and Credible Conduct
To deserve the recognition and respect that we seek, we believe in doing things correctly. Through our actions, we endeavor to make people believe that we are a credible and trustworthy company. We continually attempt to communicate honestly about conditions and circumstances within our organization.

We are open, honest and our transparency allows us to welcome any individual or organization to approach us without any qualms. It is in our best interest that the world at large should know our attitudes, our actions and us.

Focus on People
Our actions affect the lives of many people, on a daily basis. These include our employees as well as the many people who are in anyway associated with us. In principle, we conduct business with customers across the globe because we believe that our products meet the most basic, fundamental needs of humanity. We organize business with due respect to proper business procedures and ethical behaviour.

Regarding our own employees, we strive to treat them as a part of our family. We make every effort to fulfill the needs and wishes of our employees, and carefully pay heed to every idea and suggestions recommend by them.

Social Responsibility
We believe in giving back not only to the community, but even the environment and take every step to make sure that both are benefited by our company operations. We conduct business in an ethical manner and take complete responsibility of our actions.

Our company culture poses on us to give back to the society a part of what we work for. We will continually attempt to support our employees, their families, our surroundings, the environment and every person directly or indirectly associated with Nova.

Sustainable Development
Sustainable development is a key concept at Nova. We demonstrate respect for the environment, especially in terms of energy consumption, pollution control and use of materials. We believe in creating and maintaining a healthy and safe work environment for present and future competent employees.

Finally, it is of the essence that our in-house production facilities are organised so that they place as little strain as possible on our surroundings and the environment.

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